$500 Fried Chicken and Caviar. Worth it?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer:

There are three ways you find out about Momofuku Noodle Bar's Fried Chicken Meal:

1) You are a millennial obsessed with Buzzfeed, therefore obsessed with Steven, Adam, and Andrew, therefore obsessed with the Buzzfeed food review channel "Worth it".

2) You are a foodie that has has binged all of Ugly Delicious on Netflix.

Or, 3) more likely, you see that someone on your newsfeed has actually paid $500 for fried chicken and caviar, laugh at them (in jealousy), and forget about it.

No whatever how you found out about this absurd meal, let me tell you one thing. You need to try it.


Momofuku Noodle Bar does not take reservations. On Friday night the wait reaches at least an hour. However, since you have made a Fried Chicken reservation 2 days in advance, you can stroll right in. The feeling of eyes on your back wondering "Who is She??" makes you strut with power as the waiter leads you inside. Of course the only table in the entire restaurant with a table cloth is yours, as it should always be. You sit. You get your drinks. The waiter arrives at your table to show you his offering. He asks for your approval of his two perfectly fried chickens.

You wiped the drool that has somehow escaped your mouth, and respond, "I accept". They take the birds back to the kitchen to be carved. You wait in anticipation as they begin to fill your table with the accoutrements. Caviar and potato chips. What else would you expect?

4 oz of Chum Salmon Roe from British Columbia.

4 oz of Atlantic Sturgeon Gold Caviar from New Brunswick, because you know where that is.

A basket of homemade potato chips comes next. Because lays are too rudimentary for this meal.

Then, an assortment of sauces and Korean chive crepes arrive. A blind date a table over turn and stare at you. You bask in their envy.

The waiter returns.

The guys at the bar drop their beers.

A platter the size of your fat ass is placed in the middle of your table. All six members of your party let out a gasp. The feast has begun.

You begin with how the waiter has told you. Chicken, caviar, sauce, scallion, all wrapped up in the crepe blanket. You gleefully take a bite of your $20 taco.

You make eye contact with your friend across the table. In unison, you both swallow and exclaim,


As you get more and more invested in trying every sauce combination, you lean back and realize you have the best dipping sauce in front of you.


You grab a drumstick and dip it.

You grab a potato chip and dip it.

You wonder why this isn't available at other restaurants.

As the meal winds down, you realize how satisfied you are. As your friends debate who gets the last of the caviar, you sip on your Cran-Blossom and do the division: $500/6 people. ~$85 a person. You've had tabs bigger than that on a Sunday brunch. You smile to yourself. Worth it.


In all seriousness, I was honestly slightly embarrassed to tell people I had a $500 fried chicken and caviar meal. As much as I enjoyed it, be prepared for people to tell you that you waste your money on the weirdest things.

The combination is as good as you'd hope it would be. Will I buy tobiko rolls when I order Popeyes? No. Would I go back for someone's birthday? Hell yeah.

Thank you David Chang.

Check out Momofuku Noode Bar in Manhattan's East Village.