A Guide to NYC's Ice Cream

Summer in New York City is unbearable. When you step outside it feel like you are entering a car thats been left in the sun all day. The only way to semi-survive the hot and humid weather is to get yourself some ice cream.


Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream

A classic ice cream parlor with 88 flavors to choose from. They carry the classics, vegan options, absurd sundaes, and unique flavors. Unfortunately, they have a 2-flavor tasting minimum.

They have my favorite flavor in the entire city: Charred Banana. I am a banana fanatic when it comes to dessert. This is the only banana ice cream I have tried that doesn't taste artificial, but tastes of banana bread and burlee (???) bananas.

Price: 4.50 / 1 dip


Lower East Side , Greenwich Village


Ample Hills Creamery

If you are a fan of stir-ins in your ice cream, Ample Hills is the place for you.

Every flavor has a punny name, and every store has a unique flavor based on its location. Unless you want dark chocolate, if you want a simple flavor, you are out of luck.

They are most known for their Ooey Gooey Butter Cake flavor (bottom scoop). It is classic vanilla ice cream with generous globs of Butter Cake swirls. Everyone needs some butter cake in their lives.

Price: $4.95 / small

Locations: Hells Kitchen, Chelsea, West Village, Brooklyn Heights, Dekalb Market Hall, Gowanus, Prospect Heights, Astoria, Red Hook



A portable Waffle A La Mode? Sign me up!

As a fan of the traditional Japanese taiyaki, a fish-shaped waffle filled with red bean, you best believe I was excited to add soft serve to that equation. The waffle has the ability to soak up the soft serve (Matcha, Black Sesame, Strawberry, or Milk) as it melts, unlike a waffle cone which would just drip. You can choose Nutella, custard, or red bean as your filling.

I wish they were more generous with the filling, but I guess they make up for it with free toppings. Highly recommend— but take your pictures fast! These guys melt very quickly.

Price: $8.00

Locations: Chinatown, Williamsburg



They know how to do shaved ice. Because this isn't shaved ice. This is shaved ice cream.

By shaving a frozen milk-based ice, you get the fluffy and light texture of shaved ice, but the creaminess and richness or ice cream. If you haven't tried it, its a must.

Snowdays has classic asian flavors as well as American Classics. They are most popular for their "YetiTracks" flavor, which is blueberry & Oreo.

If you want to try korean shaved ice at a sit-down restaurant, head to Grace Street in K-town. They serve huge bowls of snow that is perfect to share.

Price: $7.00 / Regular Combo

Location: East Village

Grace Street: Koreatown


Chloe's Fruit Soft Serve Fruit Co.

For those of you that loved Pressed Freeze, you will love Chloe's soft serve even more.

All the flavors are vegan, and only include fruit, cane sugar, and water. You would think you would miss the dairy, but you really don't realize its not there! They have many fruit flavors, as well as chocolate and coffee.

For a dollar extra, you can"Bring It On" to get your soft serve with unlimited toppings and drizzles.

Price: $6.95 / Regular with toppings

Location: Union Square


Stuffed Ice Cream

Donut > Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich.

A "Cruff" is Stuff's version of a donut ice cream sandwich. Similarly to Taiyaki, the donut is better at absorbing the melted ice cream than a cone or cookie. This results in the best mushy texture you can enjoy.

The ice cream itself is pretty delicious. Their flavors range from different cereals, asian influences, American classics, and more. The blue flavor I chose was Cookie Monster (Oreo, cookie dough, and brownie).

You have a choice of a glazed,plain, or cinnamon sugar donut. I would recommend the plain, since the dessert can get quite sweet.

Price: $6.50 / Cruff

Location: East Village


These are a few of my favorite ice cream places around the city. I'm still on the search for more go-to spots, please "lmk" what your favorite ice cream spot in the city is!