Pie, oh my!

Thanksgiving. Fourth of July. March 14th. Pie has always been a special occasion dessert. But, thanks to Petee's Pie Company, this American classic can be enjoyed all days of the year.

Petee's Pie is a quaint little bakery that offers every pie under the sun. They offer fruit, chess, nut, custard, and icebox pies, with crumb, double crust, or meringue toppings. Additionally, they bake cookies, savory pies, cheesecakes, and vegan or gluten free options.

Petee's is most well known for their black bottom almond chess pie. It consists of a chocolate crust, almond chess filling, with a shaved almond topping. However, similarly to Dawn from Waitress, they sometimes are inventive with their chess pie flavors. They have featured azuki bean, sesame, and pistachio chess pies on their menu.

For a summer treat, the seasonal fruit pies are my favorite. They range from strawberry rhubarb, sour cherry, to a classic wild Maine blueberry. Unfortunately, the only fruit pies with a crumb topping tend to be the sour cherry or the vegan option.

While you can order an entire pie, you can still order a single slice to stay or to go. For an additional price, you can top your pie with a generous serving of homemade vanilla ice cream or maple whipped cream. In my opinion, pie a la mode cannot be beat. If you choose to eat at the counter at the shop, you get to experience how great their spork is. The most underrated highlight of the meal.

Thank you Petee's Pie Company!

Check them out: Lower East Side, Brooklyn