Spot Dessert Bar: A Sweet Tooth Heaven

First thing first. You cannot go wrong at Spot. Sure, I haven't tried everything (yet), but no one I know has ever been let down by one of their desserts. Here is my take on their classic dishes.


The Harvest

No, the pot isn't edible. But everything else is!

Inside the pot are berries, cheesecake and oreo crumbs. You are given earl gray milk tea to pour over top. Its served with raspberry sorbet on the side.

Cheesecake lovers- this one is for you. It might seem gimmicky, but it actually tastes good! I have to say, the fruit is a little strange in it (blueberries?), but the dessert is decadent and  delicious. The sorbet helps cut the sweetness, but seems like it was put on the plate to make the dessert seem more complete. The cheesecake is fine without it.


The Milky Puff

My favorite type of dessert.

Warm puff pastry, brulee bananas, white chocolate honeycomb, cornflakes, and condensed milk ice cream.

Anything with caramelized bananas and condensed milk and I'm there. As the ice cream melts into the puff pastry, you are left with the most pleasant "mushy" bite possible. The cereal and white chocolate isn't necessary, but it does look pretty.


The Honey Toast

Honestly, I could see my 10 year old self eating this for breakfast.

Warm honey toast with condensed milk ice cream, strawberries, and cream.

Although I was skeptical of toast for dessert, somehow the texture of this bread was something I've never had before. And the honey made it a dessert. And honestly- they could put that condensed milk ice cream on anything and it would be good. I wish they put the ice cream on top of the toast. Although it would have been less crunchy, it would have added nice creaminess.


The Cookie Camp

Cookie? check. Ice Cream? check. Smores? check.

Half baked Marshmallow cookie, pretzels, cookie crumbs, and condensed milk ice cream. (Turns out they do put the CM ice cream on everything!)

This has every texture and flavor possible. The crunch from the skillet and pretzels pairs perfect with the creaminess of the ice cream and gooziness of the cookie. The salt from the pretzel balances the sweetness of the marshmallow. This is perfect. However, it is super decadent. Highly recommend splitting it.


Check out Spot Dessert Bar:

13 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003 (East Village)

5 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003 (East Village)

11 W 32nd St Fl 2, New York, NY 10001  (Koreatown)

39-16 Prince St, Flushing, NY 11354 (Flushing)